Montessori CASA Classroom Package #1

Item Number: CP002


Montessori CASA classroom package #1 comes with 37 items worth over $3000 at market price.

For Just
,$1180.99 You save almost $2,000. This package is good for classroom with children between 2.5 to 5 years old.

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Product # Product Name Qty
  BO002 Botany Puzzle Cabinet 1
  BO006 Leaf Puzzle 1
  BO007 Tree Puzzle 1
  BO008 Flower Puzzle 1


Product # Product Name Qty
  GE003-1-P Labeled World Parts Control Map - PP Plastic 1
  GE003-2-P Unlabeled World Parts Control Map - PP Plastic 1
  GE010-1-P Labeled USA Control Map - PP Plastic 1
  GE010-2-P Unlabeled USA Control Map - PP Plastic 1
  GE003 Puzzle Map of World Parts 1
  GE010 Puzzle Map of USA 1


Product # Product Name Qty
  LA001 Lower Case Sandpaper Letters w/ Box - Print 1
  LA011 Lowercase Small Movable Alphabets w/ Box 1
  LA013 Metal Insets Tracing Tray 1
  LA014-2 Metal Insets Only - Pink 1
  LA014-3 Metal Insets Stands 1


Product # Product Name Qty
  MA001 Numerical Rods 1
  MA004 Sandpaper Numbers with Box 1
  MA006 Spindle Box With 45 Spindles 1
  MA009 Cut-Out Numeral and Counters (USA Print) 1
  MA012 Large Wooden Number Cards With Box (1-9000) 1
  MA020 Teens and Tens Board 1

Practical Life

Product # Product Name Qty
  PR006 Hook & Eye Dressing Frame 1
  PR010 Ribbon Tying Dressing Frame 1
  PR011 Large Buttons Dressing Frame 1
  PR014 Snap Closure Dressing Frame 1


Product # Product Name Qty
  SE001 Red Rods 1
  SE003 Cylinder Blocks 1
  SE004 Knobless Cylinders 1
  SE005 Pink Tower 1
  SE006-1 Pink Tower Stand 1
  SE007 Geometric Solids with Stands, Bases and Box 1
  SE009 Brown Stairs 1
  SE010 Color Tablets(1st Box) 1
  SE011 Color Tablets(2nd Box) 1
  SE012 Color Tablets(3rd Box) 1
  SE017 Rough & Smooth Boards 1
  SE019 Geometric Demonstration Tray 1
  SE019-1 Cards For Geometric Demonstration Tray-in card 1
  SE021 Sound Boxes 1
  SE022 Smelling Bottles 1