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Montessori IC Classroom Package

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PR021 Toddler Dressing Frame: 3 Buttons 1
PR022 Toddler Dressing Frame: Zipper 1
PR023 Toddler Dressing Frame: Velcro 1
PR024 Toddler Dressing Frame: Snapping 1
PR025 Toddler Dressing Frame: Buckling 1
MA004-M Toddler Sandpaper Numbers With Box 1
SE021 Sound Boxes 1
SE029 Mystery Bag With Geometric Shapes 1
PR150 Folding Cloth Activity 1
PT5644 Nuts And Bolts 1
PR131 Table And Chair Washing 1
LT002 Object Permanence Box With Tray 1
LT003 Object Permanence Box With Drawer 1
LT004 Multiple Shape Puzzles 1
LT010 Imbucare Box With Knitted Ball 1
PR148 Water Transfer Using A Baster 1
PR116 Bean Transfer Using A Spoon 1
PR117 Transferring Activity Set 1 1
LT016 Toddler Imbucare Peg Box 1
PR112 Water Transfer Using Two Pitchers 2 1
LT019 Coin Box 1
LT021 3D Object Fitting Exercise 1
LT027 Imbucare Box With Flip Lid - 4 Shapes 1
LT029 Three Discs On A Vertical Dowel 1
LT031 Imbucare Board With Knit Ball 1
LT032 Imbucare Board With Disc 1
SE003-M Toddler Cylinder Blocks 1
SE005-M Toddler Pink Tower 1
SE009-M Toddler Brown Stairs 1
LA003 Lower And Capital Case Sandpaper Letters With Boxes 1
KO10441 Stack And Fit Cups 1
LR7308 Color Play Penguins 1
LR9740 New Sprouts Healthy Breakfast 1
LR9741 New Sprouts Healthy Lunch 1
LR9742 New Sprouts Healthy Dinner 1
LT020 Cylinder Rattler 1
G2018 Tree Puzzle 1
PT5105 Dancing Alligator 1
SE016 Color Resemblance Sorting Task 1
LT234 Ball Tracker 1
LT001 Box With Bins 1
LT030 Braiding Board 1
PR121 Bean Transfer Using Two Spout Bowls 1
PR152-Pink Rolling A Mat With A Napkin Ring - Pink 1
Montessori IC Classroom Package
Montessori IC Classroom Package

In stock



    Montessori IC classroom package comes with 46 items worth over $3000 at market price.

    For Just $982.10, You save almost $2000.

    This package is good for the classroom with children between 12 months to 3 years old.

    This package cannot be customized like our other 3 packages.

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