Global Standard

At Kid Advance we provide high-quality material at a much affordable price. We stand behind our material knowing that the quality and variety focuses on the Maria Montessori Way. Supported and guided by Montessori Teaching Professionals, we create and supply what our teachers and children need to succeed.

Our High Quality Montessori Learning Material has been tested and approved to the highest standard. Safety regulations are what keep our children safe and using the right material at a Global Standard is our main priority. Not only do we have strict safety standards we make sure to have the proof our customers need to feel safe and confident in what they are purchasing.

Unlike other companies we are not a third party vendor. We manufacture our products at our own 50,000 sq. ft. factory in the upmarket city of Zhejiang, China. We have spared no expense in gathering the highest quality beach wood and water based paint to detail every inch of our material to its perfection. The paint used has passed all tests based on the European and United States Safety Standards. We have made sure our products are smooth enough for a child’s touch to also being odorless with no harmful chemicals.

We are continually improving our product line to bring you the best selection and the most up to date material needed to globalize Maria Montessori’s educational method of independent and critical thinkers.

Below you will find our test results and certificates for our Montessori Material.



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